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Nierman Education Seminar Testimonials

The Results are in! Attendees Consistently Rate our Courses as the in Best in Dental Sleep Medicine & Medical Billing!

“Thank you for the information.... But more importantly, THANK YOU for the INSPIRATION.”
- Erik Sutt D.D.S., Harrisonburg, VA (SIDSM Seminar)

“One of the best speakers I have ever had to pleasure of hearing. Knowlegeable, funny, dynamic and interesting. Great speaker and great course.”
– Steven Brown D.D.S., Harrisonburg, VA (SIDSM Seminar)

“Yours was the most beneficial lecture for my bottom line that I have ever attended.”
- Stephen Brown, D.D.S., Harrisonburg, VA (8 months after attending SIDSM Seminar)

“I came with a hygienist, 2 assistants, office manager and one of our new associates. We've accomplished more today getting a sleep program together than we have in the past year, I think the staff members who attended are even more motivated than me”
- Robert Aledort D.M.D., Danbury, CT (one week after attending SIDSM Course)

“This course is a "must attend" for anyone serious about Dental Sleep Medicine and TMD”
- Lorena Hernandez of Howard Hoffman D.D.S. Aventura, FL Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry

“I really appreciate your energy and passion that you shared with us. You communicated the reality of sleep apnea and its health side effects better than anyone I have seen so far. You have helped to get my determination up to get the Diplomate. Thank you for a memorable and motivational weekend. My staff learned so much and now understand how to help our patients so much better now.”
– Sue Ellen Richardson, D.D.S., Houston, TX (SIDSM Seminar)

“I learned more this weekend than any other course the past 10 years.”
– Sasha Cekada, D.D.S. Amityville, NY (SIDSM Seminar)

"It was an absolute pleasure. Everyone was very informative, friendly & I'm leaving confident with the information given & taught today. I look forward to future events!"
- Suzette Gezelle of Joseph Lee D.D.S. Mountain View, CA (SIDSM Seminar)

"Best course I've attended and I'm 68"
- C. Hooper Jr. D.D.S. Chatanooga, TN (SIDSM Seminar)

“I feel my success is virtually assured from attending this course. I'm so excited."
- Bonnie Ferrell, D.D.S, Denver, CO (SIDSM Seminar)

"Great Course, brought the entire staff was totally worth it!"
- Charles Hooper D.D.S, Chatanooga, TN (SIDSM Seminar)

"I can't wait to launch our practice into another orbit with Dental Sleep Medicine and Dental Writer!"
- Tara Griffin D.M.D., Panama City Beach, FL Successful Implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine

"Fantastic Course - John & support staff all outstanding."
- Henry Van Hala D.D.S., N Canton, OH (SIDSM)

"Enjoyed the course. Informative, covered all information I needed to get started. Speaker was Great!"
- Sadia Ahktar D.D.S., Aiken, SC (SIDSM Seminar)

"One of the best courses I have ever taken. Great Job!"
- Dan Czapek D.M.D., Arlington Heights, IL (SIDSM)

“Prior to attending this course, I always felt that medical billing would be too complicated to do at our Dental office. Rose has changed my perspective. I'm excited to return to my office and begin not only bill medical, but also, help my patients with better benefits for their dental needs"
- Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry Attendee, 05/12

"I have enjoyed this course much more than any other CE course I've attended…Instructor was knowledgeable, interactive and entertaining. The hands-on learning was priceless.”
- SIDSM Seminar Attendee

"Friendly, entertaining, and above all else informative of practical, useful, in-the-trenches protocol. Enjoyed the small breakout group where staff could ask questions of other office staff."
- SIDSM Seminar Attendee

"I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar & how informative it was. I will definitely look forward to coming to more courses offered through your company - You guys Rock!"
- Mackenzie Fickle SIDSM Seminar Attendee