Successful Implementation Of Dental Sleep Medicine Testimonials


“Thank you for the information.... But more importantly, THANK YOU for the INSPIRATION.”
– Erik Sutt D.D.S.

“I really appreciate your energy and passion that you shared with us. You communicated the reality of sleep apnea and its health side effects better than anyone I have seen so far. You have helped to get my determination up to get the Diplomate. Thank you for a memorable and motivational weekend. My staff learned so much and now understand how to help our patients so much better now.”
– Sue Ellen Richardson D.D.S.

“One of the best speakers I have ever had to pleasure of hearing. Knowledgeable, funny, dynamic and interesting. Great speaker and great course.”
– Steven Brown D.D.S

“I came with a hygienist, 2 assistants, office manager and one of our new associates. We've accomplished more today getting a sleep program together than we have in the past year, I think the staff members who attended are even more motivated than me”
– Robert Aledort D.M.D.

“It was an absolute pleasure. Everyone was very informative, friendly & I'm leaving confident with the information given & taught today. I look forward to future events!”
– Suzette Gezelle of Joseph Lee D.D.S.

“Best course I've attended and I'm 68!”
– C. Hooper Jr. D.D.S.

“Yours was the most beneficial lecture for my bottom line that I have ever attended.”
– Stephen Brown, D.D.S. (8 months after attending SIDSM Seminar)

“I have enjoyed this course much more than any other CE course I've attended…Instructor was knowledgeable, interactive and entertaining. The hands-on learning was priceless.”
– SIDSM Seminar Attendee

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar & how informative it was. I will definitely look forward to coming to more courses offered through your company - You guys Rock!”
– Mackenzie Fickle

“At first I did not know if I would learn a lot or appreciate the program. Glad to tell you that it is without a doubt one of the best courses I have been to in a long, long time. Fantastic!”
– Dr. R. Baker

“Unbelievably useful and practical! Awesome. Finally crystalized all the confusing information.”
– Dr. B. Nelson

“I really enjoyed this course and I am excited to implement this in my practice. Thank you!”
– Dr. J. Jenkins

“What a great team you all are! Very informative and done well, warm & fun. Thanks for a great 2 days.”
– Renee Hyland, assistant

“I can't wait to launch our practice into another orbit with Dental Sleep Medicine and Dental Writer!”
– Tara Griffin D.M.D.

“I truly feel this course has and will change our lives – can’t wait to get started! Dr.’s really need to bring their teams – so important!”
– J. Burton, hygienist

“Great thorough information. Makes me ready to tackle OSA on Monday”
– Dr. H Chaudhry

“Great! I am charged up to get started. Thank you.”
– Dr. S. Leavitt

“Great job! Very interesting facts & opinions. Makes me think of my family’s health more.”
– J. Stephens, assistant

“Really enjoyed the course. I am leaving with the clarity and what steps need to be done to integrate DSM into the practice.”
– Dr. S. Powell

“Great Course, brought the entire staff was totally worth it!”
– Charles Hooper D.D.S

“I can’t wait to report back to the team! What a wonderful experience!”
– Office staff

“Best most to the point class in ages! Great investment of time & money!! Thank you!”
– Dr. R. Kruk

“Superb organization & presentation & great team!”
– Dr. Larry Schmakel

“All was great, a lot of good information, thank you :-)”
– Office staff

“One of the best courses I have ever taken. Great Job!”
– Dan Czapek D.M.D.

“5 Star!! Captivating!”
– Assistant

“Presented very well. I now have a better understanding of sleep medicine. Great job!”
– Office staff

“Best course I ever attended! Thanks!!”
– Dentist