Dentalwriter Software Testimonials


“DentalWriter has been a great program for our practice and our sleep apnea, tmd/tmj and ortho patients. The questionnaire/exam forms take the information and format to create letters, claim forms, etc., which saves us a tremendous amount of time. A great program!”
- Mark Schuster D.D.S., Warren, MI

“DentalWriter generates reports to referring docs and other docs our patient sees. Filing insurance is quick and easy and being able to customize the information to suit our needs is amazing! DentalWriter Software is a fantastic program with a great support team who solves any problems immediately! Also they listen to suggestions to improve the software, which to me is very important!”
- Denise Smith of Joseph Baba D.D.S., Wichita, KS

“Although we are new users of Dental Writer, the Man-hours saved and peace of mind has already made the investment well worth every penny. Also, as a dental practice that has never filed a medical ins. claim, this service has greatly streamlined the process and removed most of the potential headaches associated with dealing with medical insurance.”
- Pete Richards, D.D.S., Hendersonville, NC

“DentalWriter allows patients to enter info easily online, provides detailed reports to referring physicians and helps with medical billing. Reports provide much detail. Easy to follow, excellent technical support.”
- Karen C. of Jeffrey Rein D.D.S. New York, NY

“We have used Dental Writer since its inception. We like how user friendly it is and always advancing to meet current Medical/Dental standards and technological advancements.”
- Shannon of Jack Walz D.D.S, East Peoria, IL

“DentalWriter saves time on medical claims processing and tracking, and online patient registration, and medical recordkeeping for sleep apnea. Nierman practice management has provided an excellent product which we use every day as part of our sleep apnea/oral appliance practice. It is a huge time saver.”
- Robert A. Levy, D.M.D., St. Louis, MO

“We use dental writer for sleep apnea patients and it makes it very easy to generate reports, refer patient to doctors for further treatment, thank referring doctor, handling medical claims. Cross Code is very useful to find medical code for dental codes.
– Palak of Lekha Tull D.D.S., Princeton, NJ

“DentalWriter is an amazing software program that really streamlines patient care.”
- Sven Erickson D.D.S., Saint Joseph, MI

“The on-line new patient health histories are so in depth & so professional. The letters we are able to easily generate to our sleep doctors & other referring doctors are so professional & thorough. I feel the product represents the thorough care we provide as an office. We love this product!”
- Tina of Max Ebrahimian D.D.S., Scotts Valley, CA

“Of course, the insurance billing has been very useful. However, the letters have been a great help as they are easy to use and easy to modify.”
- James Donley D.D.S., Muskegon, MI

“I like the questionnaire email link. It downloads patient information and saves us tons of time. DentalWriter keeps us organized and helps with thorough documentation.”
- Veronica of Douglas Thompson, D.D.S., Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Simplifies billing/exam documentation/letters etc. Great services and program!”
- Lil Couture of Paul Kenworthy D.M.D., Essex Junction, VT

“DentalWriter Software has easy to fill out medical forms, saving tons of time and money.”
- Kevin Flood, D.D.S., Grand Rapids, MI