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Announcing DentalWriter E4 and DentalWriter Private Cloud!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The leading system for sleep apnea, TMD, and medical billing just got even better with:

DentalWriter E4™ and the DentalWriter™ Private Cloud 


With DentalWriter™ Private Cloud, you can access DentalWriter™ anytime, anywhere, from any computer.
How secure is your data?
The last thing you should be concerned about is the possibility of having your data lost, mismanaged, or stolen.
Experience the highest reliability and security available, while enjoying the convenience of mobility.
Learn more about the cloud solution here

DentalWriter™ users know we pride ourselves in providing unmatched support. Due to high interest in the DentalWriter™, we are limiting DentalWriter™ Private Cloud orders to 30 practices through end of August in order to ensure we can provide the excellent support DentalWriter™ users are used to.  If you are ready for the ultimate flexibility, reliability and security that only DentalWriter™ Private Cloud can offer,


Pre-order before August 1st.
No setup fee for DentalWriter™ clients.
$500 off setup fee for new clients.

DentalWriter E4™ Has Arrived
Featuring: The New Patient Ledger & Treatment Plan

DentalWriter™ E4 features wonderful new functionality to help you streamline your medically necessary services protocol from start to finish. Create treatment plan templates that interact with your patients visits as well as your recall, and create statements and post payments in the new patient ledger! Be sure to check out our new & refreshed QuickLetter Templates. Great news is – you can easily download and install the update (or the whole program) at your convenience! Don’t worry, we’ll send you update reminders as well.

Request a Demo of DentalWriter™ E4

View training videos on the new features here

Below are 7 exciting features and benefits for the new update to DentalWriter:

1. New Treatment Plans and Treatment Plan Templates

Create your own treatment plan templates (or create your patient’s plan on the fly!) using the new treatment plan in your DentalWriter™ patient chart. Easily plan out your patient’s treatment and track progress – it all interacts with your patients visits in DentalWriter™ to help automate and streamline the process. Set your recall details in your treatment plan to ensure your patients don’t fall through the cracks!


2. New Consolidated Services Tab

You can now select all completed services in any visit in DentalWriter™ all in one place! Use your treatment plans within your DentalWriter™ visits to easily post completed services to your patient’s ledger, or if your visit is not part of a treatment plan – you can select the completed services like you have always been able to.

3. New Patient Ledger

The new ledger will allow you to create patient statements, create claims, track balances, and post payments! You are no longer required to create a claim for a patient in order to post services to a patient’s account and create statements. Create your populated medical claims as needed, or create patient statements for cash pay. Your new patient ledger interacts with your treatment plan as well!

4. QuickLetter™ Templates – New and Refreshed!

We’ve revamped over 230 QuickLetter™ Templates found in any patient chart in DentalWriter™ so each letter you choose is populated with as much information as possible with a polished look. There are also some great new options for you to choose from, check out the new “request to physician for an Rx for an oral appliance for sleep apnea” and the new “GAP Request" QuickLetter Templates. In addition, Snoring Isn’t Sexy™ Members enjoy a new set of SIS branded letters! And remember – you can customize your very own QuickLetter™ Templates or customize one of ours. 


5. Online Patient Questionnaire Management Portal

Your DentalWriter™ Online Patient Questionnaires management portal has a fresh new look! Upload your very own logo for a branded look to your online forms and create additional links as well. Easily select what sections of information you want your patient to complete online and retrieve & send your links to your patients with our enhanced portal. You can also choose required and optional contact information, customize your HIPPA consent online message, and set e-mail addresses to receive notifications when a new questionnaire is completed.

6. Sleep Studies Report

Run a report across all of your patients in DentalWriter™ to bring all your sleep study data into one place. The report is automatically grouped by patient to you can easily see your patient’s baseline and follow up sleep study data so you can easily identify if you are achieving the desired results of your treatment.

7. Study Groups with Director of Clinical Education Dr. Mayoor Patel

We’ve taken the Nierman study groups to a new level to facilitate more peer to peer collaboration for both Dentists & Team members! For 2 sessions each month, active DentalWriter Users are invited to join us to discuss topics of interest to Dentists & Clinical Team, led by our Clinical Director of Education Dr. Mayoor Patel, additionally topics of interest to Dentists & Administrative Team will be led by Rose Nierman & Courtney Snow.

NPM study groups give you access to stay on the forefront of the industry with the leading experts. Dr. Patel and Rose/Courtney will be there to facilitate the discussion, offer guidance and discuss experiences. Topics will range from case studies, to daily practice topics, to research and more. We record the sessions for your convenience as well! You can already enjoy the recording of Dr. Patel’s first two sessions “Managing Side Effects of Oral Appliance Therapy – Learning by Case Studies” and “Differential Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain – Case Studies” in the DentalWriter Help Center.

Other improvements for July 2015 DentalWriter™ E4 update release:

  • ICD-9 code updates
  • Ability to choose default view for patient list view: All, Active or Inactive
  • Direct scan into patient chart supports multiple page scan into one entry
  • Sleep appliance adjustment number fields allow for negative numbers to indicate retrusive turns/adjustments to an appliance
  • Selected defaults for printing options remembered when patient questionnaire is imported using DW online forms 
  • Days since appliance insertion calculation field calculates on locked forms
  • Additional clarification for importing information from previous visit/forms
  • TMJ Screening Consultation printed form update to include questionnaire in the title

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, call 1-800-879-6468, schedule a demo, contact us for details.


Courtney Snow

Courtney Snow
DentalWriter™ Implementation Director
Nierman Practice Management

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